Types of: Painting production line

Matrix: Steel, PVD coater for plastics and metals

coating: Vacuum coating

Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Control System: Manual or automatic

Target: Titanium, chromium, aluminum and so on

Application areas: Plastic, metal, glass, ceramic

Coater type: PVD vacuum coating

Brief Description:

  • Plastic aluminum vacuum gold plating machine or PVD vacuum coating machine can be widely used to make the surface coating and functional coating of plastic, ceramic, glass, resin, candle and metal material.It is equipped with high efficiency, automatic, vacuum technology Layer, evaporative coating and mechatronics together.
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Spare parts of magnetron sputtering

Operational Principle: Using particle simulation and Monte Carlo (PIC / MCC) method, apply electrostatic model, write a quasi-three-dimensional simulation program. Can describe the hollow cathode class initial spark discharge evolution step ionization process; use in one or more hollow-cathode gun emitting a large number of electron beam, in the hollow cathode effect and localized strong electric field interaction, the target arc discharge ionization, negative bias on the substrate under pressure, ion sputtering to a higher ability to form a plated film on the substrate surface, can be achieved most 10um thickness. The ionization rate of the device, the main film layer has aluminum, copper, and titanium nitride film, titanium carbide film. Deposited film colorful, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and landscaping, especially for the tool industry, metal industries and etc.
Main feature:
1. Equipped with multi-vessel hollow cathode gun, use tantalum tube inside the hollow cathode effect glow discharge
2. equipped with PID temperature controller, temperature up to 250-400 degrees
3. work piece rack equipped with special holder, the work piece rotation and revolution, use the frequency adjustment, stepless adjustable speed.
4. Using the touch screen and PLC, can achieve automatic control, automatic and manual switch anytime.
Basic outfit:
1. Chamber structure: vertical or horizontal structure ,all stainless steel material , the vacuum chamber effective diameter of 800mm-2000mm, water-cooled double sandwich structure, inside stainless steel plate with a plug-in anti-fouling, easy to clean and operation;
2. Vacuum system: mechanical pumps, rotary vane pumps, roots pumps, molecular pumps, cryogenic pump , vacuum diffusion pump with cold trap, pre-pump is oil-free vacuum pump, with stainless steel pipes and valves; 3. Inflation System: automatic gas flow meters and flow indicator control;
4. Control system: color touch screen, PLC, automatic and manual control can be converted any time; real-time display detailed parameters, automatic control the entire production process, automatic storage process parameters. The main electrical components Schneider and other famous brands;
5. Security system: Set abnormal sound and light alarm devices for water, electricity, gas, perform the appropriate protection procedures; 6. Heating and baking system: stainless steel tubular heating element, substrate temperature up to 350 degrees, the temperature control using the Japanese conductivity meter, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ° C;
7. film thickness control: quartz crystal thickness monitoring system can control the electron gun evaporation rate, precise control of film thickness, manual and automatic easy switching.
8. Control systems: real-time display detailed parameters, automatic control the entire production process, and automatic storage process parameters.