Types of: Painting production line

Matrix: Steel, PVD coater for plastics and metals

coating: Vacuum coating

Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Control System: Manual or automatic

Target: Titanium, chromium, aluminum and so on

Application areas: Plastic, metal, glass, ceramic

Coater type: PVD vacuum coating

Brief Description:

  • Plastic aluminum vacuum gold plating machine or PVD vacuum coating machine can be widely used to make the surface coating and functional coating of plastic, ceramic, glass, resin, candle and metal material.It is equipped with high efficiency, automatic, vacuum technology Layer, evaporative coating and mechatronics together.
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Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating

Operational principle:
Sputtering is physical phenomenon that electron collide with argon atoms and turn into Argon ions and electron ions when electron accelerated flying towards the substrate under the electric field effect. Thereafter, the argon ions accelerated bombard target in the electric field, that will sputter a large number of target atoms, neutral target atoms (or molecules) depositing on the surface of the substrate forming a layer or multi-layers decorative and functional film.
Equipment configuration:
Structure type: vertical type or Horizontal type
Chamber type: single door or double doors
Power type: DC or Mid-frequency
Application field:
It can be widely used in high-grade decorative and functional films for watch, glasses , communications, electronics, machinery, decoration and transportation aviation and other industries.

Product Specifications: