Types of: Painting production line

Matrix: Steel, PVD coater for plastics and metals

coating: Vacuum coating

Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Control System: Manual or automatic

Target: Titanium, chromium, aluminum and so on

Application areas: Plastic, metal, glass, ceramic

Coater type: PVD vacuum coating

Brief Description:

  • Plastic aluminum vacuum gold plating machine or PVD vacuum coating machine can be widely used to make the surface coating and functional coating of plastic, ceramic, glass, resin, candle and metal material.It is equipped with high efficiency, automatic, vacuum technology Layer, evaporative coating and mechatronics together.
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CVD RF vacuum coating equipment

Operational principle:
This equipment adopts RF frequency technology to make mixed gas and substrate interaction in a certain temperature and vacuum conditions. It formed metal and compound membrane in the substrate surface, the substrate surface have wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, specific electrical, optical and friction performance and other special requirements. The equipment is applied in glass, ceramics, semiconductors, metals industry etc. It can form all kinds of metal film, alloy plating film, reaction of compound film, dielectric film and so on.
Main feature:
1. traditional vertical or high-efficient horizontal , using high-performance RF power supply
2. Equipped with many of magnetic control target, various of target material .
3. The substrate temperature about 600 ℃, plasma assisted.
4. The system adopts oil-free vacuum system, to ensure the whole system work under the oil-free condition to make the film clean;
5. The vacuum system interlock protection, vacuum pump have alarm function when water shortage, power outage;
6. Touch screen and PLC automatic control, realize parametric settings to the main components , real-time monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis.