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Rotating single or multi-planetary fixture designs provide uniform coating of a wide range of 3D substrate materials and coatings. Mid Frequency AC Plasma Glow Discharge, Pre-Treatment; PVD sputter by planar cathode; Plascoat? PECVD Top Coating – Plasma cured monomer; Cycle time can be affected by substrate?

Surface Treatment,PVD deposition machines - All industrial

Find and compare all the manufacturers in the Surface Treatment,PVD deposition machines category and contact them directly. Vacuum Deposition Machine Chamber size: 550, 750, 900, 1100, 1300 and 1500 Thin film deposition: Electric gun evaporation, Cathodic Arc Ion Plating, Sputtering Applications: Optical lens,?

Thin Film Deposition Magnetron Sputtering Systems, Thermal

Thin film sputter coating technology for semiconductors, solar & automotive industries. Semicore is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition equipment and Custom Vacuum Systems for the electronics, academics, optical, solar energy, medical, automotive, military and related high?

3D Batch Coating Equipment - Mustang Vacuum Systems

Mustang offers a complete line of vacuum deposition systems optimized for the unique challenges of depositing thin film materials of a wide range of complex Sputter – Planar Cathodes, Rotatable Cathodes, Cathodic Arc, Balanced or Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering,; Thermal Resistance Evaporation – Filament or?

COLT 960 - Mustang Vacuum Systems

Rotating single or multi-planetary fixture designs provide uniform coating. The Colt platform can be configured for almost any deposition methodology making it the ideal coating solution for almost any industry. Dual door batch fast cycle systems designed for high power sputtering in continuous flow manufacturing.

PVD deposition machine / sputtering / thin-film / metalized film

Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd logo PVD. Technology: sputtering. Deposition type: thin-film, metalized film , antireflective coating. Other characteristics: vacuum, with rotating cathodes, online, short-cycle for mirrors, for glass coatings, for reflective glass, glass lens, for displays, for AR coating?

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