Jewelry PVD Vacuum Coating Machine/Jewelry gold plating

Jewelry PVD Vacuum Coating Machine/Jewelry gold plating machine equipment,US $ 8 - 88 / Set, New, Coating Production Line, Steel. pre-treatment; quality control; cleaning & drying; fixturing & visual inspection; PVD coating; quality control & thickness measurement and post-treatment (depending on the application).

PVD Multi-arc Ion Coating Machine - Dalivacuum | 肇庆市大力真空

That can improve the quality of the machine and prolong the product life. Meanwhile The film made by ion coating is small grain size which with high defect concentration, lower recrystallization temperature(metal), lower yield point and high internal stress. In addition Max. temperature is 350℃ Power: 12KW, PID control.

Hardware? decorative coatings solutions_Vacuum Coating

Hardware? decorative coatings solutions provide high performance surface treatment for a variety of products of sanitary industry , coated products show the elegant, dazzling as well as other Heating system, Normal temperature up to 350 degrees Adjustable (PID temperature control), stainless steel heating tube.

Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment - Dongguan Huicheng

Mid-frequency magnetron sputtering technology has gradually become the mainstream of sputtering coating technology, it is better than that of DC magnetron Metal jewelry vacuum coating machine Improve the performance of various films, can coat the alloy films, Composite film, multilayer films on metal surface.

cicel supply vacuum coating machine/vacuum metalizing machine

cicel supply vacuum coating machine/vacuum metalizing machine/pvd vacuum coating equipment for coating palstics/metals/glass,US $ 29000 - 235000 / Set, New, Cicel company fully passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, the vacuum coating equipment and UV spray equipment?

Quality PVD Vacuum Coating Machine & Magnetron Sputtering

SHANGHAI ROYAL TECHENOLOGY INC. is best PVD Vacuum Coating Machine, Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine and Thin Film Coating Machine supplier, we has good quality products & service from China.

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