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The plastic vacuum coating machine adopts the UV spray line hot evaporation vacuum coating machine, with different color. Plastic evaporation coating

tungsten trioxide conductive pvd vacuum coating machine with tungsten trioxide target material

Evaporative vacuum coating machine can not only decorate the decorative functional film, but also make the bracket more beautiful, smooth and wear-resistant.

coating machines manufacturers

coating machines manufacturers

main products: : Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machines
Multi-arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machines
Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machines
Magnetron& Multi-arc ion Coating Machine
Diamond-like carbon PVD Coating Machines
Electron Beam Evaporation Coating Machines
Rolling Coating Vacuum Metallizer

International trade market : South America, Middle East, southeast Asia, India, Pakistan ,Korea, etc.

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  • Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machines
    Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machines

    Leading Coating high vacuum deposition system has become the industry standard, known for its simple design, easy operation and unmatched reliability.
    Our vacuum evaporation system USES electron beam or electron beam evaporation coating, resistance evaporation deposition, ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), jet pool and other vacuum evaporation technologies.

  • Multi-arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machines
    Multi-arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machines

    Vacuum multi-arc ion coating or arc PVD is a kind of physical vapor deposition technology which USES arc to vaporize materials from cathode target materials. The vaporized material then condenses on the substrate to form a thin film. The technology can be used to deposit metal, ceramics and composite films.

  • Electron Beam Evaporation Coating Machines
    Electron Beam Evaporation Coating Machines

    Electron beam evaporation method is put in water cooled copper crucible will film, through the direct use of electron beam heating, membrane material vaporization of atoms or molecules through condensation ChengMo after the incident to the substrate surface, surface evaporation. Electron beam evaporation has a higher thermal efficiency, beam density, evaporation rate, and high purity film to make the resistance heating evaporate.

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